How Kenya Airways is losing Millions through last minute flight cancellations in New York City.

By Al Musasia, Manhattan,NY –

It now appears that the Nairobi – New York non-stop flights initiative was hurriedly launched without proper planning. Even after a successful landing at the JFK Airport in New York City, Kenya’s national carrier still struggles to fill the routes amid numerous cancellations since the first flight.

Just today, Wednesday, 11/28/18, a Kenyan passenger on a round trip ticket back to Kenya was surprised when she arrived at the airport only to find her flight  back to Nairobi cancelled.

Perhaps even more disappointing is the fact that there was no any form of communication from Kenya Airways regarding today’s cancellation. No text message, No email and no Phone call.

For every flight cancellation, Kenya Airways is forced to book a hotel room for each of the passengers. For instance, the passenger in Today’s cancelled flight was booked in a 30,000 Shillings or 300 dollars/night hotel. A round trip ticket from Nairobi to New York costs 660 dollars or 66,000 Kenya Shillings. Given this revelation, one wonders the rationale behind the Nairobi – New York flight and if it makes economic sense to cancel flights and end up spending half of the trips cost on hotel.

A few weeks ago following the nonstop flight launch, Kenyan Report highlighted some of the reasons why Kenyans shun the national carrier. Among them was discrimination and poor customer service meted on black travelers. It’s fair to assume that Kenya Airways Management didn’t get a copy of the Kenyan Report piece.However, Kenya Airways must understand that customer service is central in the success of any business especially in North America where customers demand more for their monies worth.

Failure to successfully notify all passengers of flight cancellation is disappointing to say the least. While Kenyans are willing and ready to support Kenya Airways; Kenya Airways needs to up its game and operate like an international carrier operating on international standards. Its customer service should also reflect the same. The viability of Kenya’s direct flights to the U.S is on the line, thanks to the incompetence of the Kenya Airways Management and staff ,but not due to U.S government’s restrictions. SHAME ON YOU KENYA AIRWAYS.

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