Police Unleash Flying Squad to Hunt Down Tuk Tuk Operator Captured Roughing Up two Officers

He might be receiving felicitations and applause from Kenyans on line for instilling discipline in indisciplined members of the discipline forces but a Nakuru Tuk Tuk operator is worried and in hiding.

Following a viral video where he single handedly beat and stoned two officers, the man spoke to a local daily from his hideout and revealed what led to the scuffle that has seen Police bosses unleash flying squad on his trail.

The man who for purposes of anonymity we will call Tee said on that Sunday, he was transporting three passengers to Nakuru town when he got to the said roadblock and the two police stopped him.

“The officers had stopped two other tuk tuks and I could see them receive money. They saw me approach and one signaled me to stop,” he said.

As he was slowing down to stop, on of the officers hit his side mirror and smashed the windscreen. He then stopped and asked why the officer had to smash his Tuk Tuk and got nothing but a cold stare.

He persistently demanded to know what warranted the assault on his Tuk Tuk and the police began beating him up. Tee says he had to defend himself.

“I decided enough was enough and had to fight what I believed to be unjust and unfair cops who were intimidating me because they were in Government uniform. We exchanged blows and after I overpowered them, they picked stones and hurled at me. I had to get into my tuk tuk and try to confuse them by changing direction,” he said.

“A police officer is just a police officer. However wrong they were, they will always find a way to fix the case to favour them,” the father of one said.

The Director of Public Prosecution Noordin Haji yesterday said action should be taken against the tuk tuk driver.

However, boda boda riders and motorists said the man did the right thing to teach the officers a lesson.

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