‘I Cleaned you Up and Bought you a Car,’ Hon Kutuny Tears Murkomen on Live TV

When logic fails and for politicians it always does- then brawl and barbs become the way out.

That is exactly what played yester- night on Citizen TV when a head to head debate between Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen and Cherangany MP Joshua Kutuny over the maize scandal quickly ossified into a spat.

Murkomen in his inherent cantankerous nature began the diversionary tactic when he told off Kutuny who lately has come out strongly to link Deputy President William Ruto to the problems facing maize farmers in the Rift Valley.

“Kutuny, you need to respect the Deputy President; he picked you from your charcoal business when you were nothing and made you who you are today,” Murkomen lambasted Kutuny.

And in an equal fire begets fire gesture, Kutuny unleashed a scathing and embarrassing jab at Murkomen unearthing how he single handedly financially supported the latter.

“Why are you forgetting that I’m the one who picked you from the streets. I used to send you money every weekend through my wife. I even bought you your first car- a Toyota Harrier,” Kutuny told Murkomen.

Murkomen ire stemmed from the allegations from Kutuny that linked a company associated with the DP to the maize scandal.

“The concerns are clear. The DP needs to come out on this matter of maize. One of the companies associated with him is being investigated,” Kutuny said, adding that DP comes from the region where maize is grown and should not be part of the problem.

Murkomen in the DP’s defense said the entire maize sector is ailing and there must be joint efforts to get a solution instead of trading blame.

Kutuny is part of a rebellious wing of Rift Valley MPs who have refused to bow to the whims and wave of the DP. The other two are – Alfred Keter of Nandi Hills and Silas Tiren of Moiben

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