How ‘Watchies’ are Proof-reading Court Documents in the Maraga Led Judiciary

A report on how the Judiciary operates has made startling revelations on its staff and general management structure.

It has emerged that a security officer at the Judiciary was employed as a Human Relations officer while that person who you think is a clerk was hired as a security personnel- in what has turned out to be a mismatch of job roles and job descriptions.

It was also established that there were those who held positions that they had no qualification in. It was noted that one of the senior procurement assistants had only a secondary school certificate.  Ordinarily, the holder of such a position should at least have a degree.

The report dubbed ‘Judiciary Organization Review’ and which was unveiled by Chief Justice David Maraga paints a disturbing picture in the second arm of Government, where security guards go to an extent of proof-reading court documents, assessing court fees and updating the court diary.

The report has stirred a looming major shakeup. Some of the proposed changes involves having all employees graded into 11 levels.  The highest in the rank will be Grade One which will be occupied by directors, executive officer, chief of staff in the Chief Justice’s office and the registrar in the office of the Chief Registrar of the Judiciary. Management level will be clustered from one to six while junior staff will be from level seven to 11.

Despite the findings, the Chief Justice promised that no staff would be laid off in the forthcoming job changes.

“I am aware of the challenges in terms of implementation and the anxieties that such a change can bring. While the recommendations in the organizational review report will result in substantial changes in the institutional arrangements and structures in the Judiciary and the Judicial Service Commission, the changes have incorporated the entire current workforce of the Judiciary,” said Justice Maraga.

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