Was Rose Muhando’s Exorcism Choreographed for Pastor Ng’ang’as Crusade set for Today?

As many of her fans in East Africa continue to be baffled over the leaked video of erstwhile Gospel sensation’s exorcism – the singer’s whereabouts remain a mystery.

Tanzanian gospel musician Rose Muhando’s  appeared in a widely circulated video where Neno Evangelism Pastor James Ng’ang’a is seen casting demons out of her.

Muhando’s hands are covered in what looks like burn marks as baffled congregation stares curiously as demons on her of previous sins she committed.

She has apparently gone missing after the dramatic incident.

Pastor Ng’ang’a, through his secretary, insist that they simply prayed for the gospel musician and did not follow her when she left the church.

“She came for a church service and left. I am not in a position to talk about her now, but what I know is that we are not holding her,” said Ng’anga’s secretary.

Sources in the know however claim that the controversial preacher invited Muhando for a crusade he has organized scheduled for today at Uhuru Park..

He needed her for the hype and charged crowd that follows the musician whenever she performs her fast tempo songs that are often accompanied by vigorous dances.

Meanwhile, the Tanzanian Music Foundation (Tamufo) wants Muhando to return home for treatment.

“We, as an agency, believe Rose Muhando is not demon-possessed, but there is something she is up to. As an agency mandated to look into the welfare of musicians in Tanzania, we have decided to seriously look into her claims,” said Tamufo’s secretary Stella Joel, in a statement to newsrooms.

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