Kenyans Tear Obado for Referring to Raila as the ‘Crocodile Behind My Woes’

With the hitherto backing of his ally in transgressions, Deputy President William Ruto – Migori governor Okoth Obado has urged Kenyans to pray for him, saying “there is a crocodile out to eat him alive”.

Using the Raila’s analogy of ‘Mamba kwenye river Jordan,’ Obado said :“There is this other story doing rounds about crocodiles which are not even in the Bible. Some people are pushing me into the crocodile’s mouth.”

“I want you to pray for me, especially church leaders, so that the crocodile does not eat me up.”

Ruto welcomed the opportunity to work with Obado. They boarded the same helicopter to Nairobi after the function.

“Is there a problem if I worked with governor Okoth Obado? I will not mind what will be said of our closeness,” he said.

The two were at Kendege Technical Training Institute on Saturday.

Obado is out on Sh5 million bond after being charged with the murder of Rongo University student Sharon Otieno and her unborn child.

His two aides Michael Oyamo and Caspal Obiero were denied bail.

But Kenyans aren’t amused with Obado’s new tactic of playing the victim.

Gorge Kiugu wrote: “We knew it was a matter of time before Obando got political backing.Yes, from who else? Both share blood-loss”.

Ondiek Jarawalo: “These are the CARTEL! DP tell Kenyans where the money meant for paying maize farmers disappears to!!! Obado, tell Migori people where the more than Ksh 2 billion (2,000,000,000) meant for development work in Migori County went to. After that the two of you (and by the way you both have murder charges hanging over your heads) Kenyans can talk development with you, two”.

Sam Ogolla: “Obado aiming feeble punches at Baba is the epitome of political naivety, and also hubris, may I say? His politics is finished after his second term as governor of Migori County (if he will even complete this term!). Question is: where will he go to after that? To Turbo? Fungua macho, mkubwa! Right now they are deeply in the sand.”

Alexander Joe: “I fail to understand when Raila is supporting you he is a god on this earth for you, when he does`nt support you he becomes the devil himself. In other words, if this guy was jailed for a couple of days till he was bailed, how was Raila supposed to get him out of prison for their friendship to continue? Secondly, How is Raila a bad person now since he chose peace by backing down instead of carrying on with his plans of urging the whole of Kenya who voted for him as it is obvious he won to continue fighting for their right in making him president? This injustice acts have been stopped since HON. Raila shook hands with the current president Hon. Uhuru. Somebody need to knom their constant insults will not make us vote for him just because they are talking empty talks with no help to the common mwananchi who is struggling day in day out with no food, insecurity and no jobs. Who to vote for we already know and we can`t change that come rain come sunshine. Let them help us the people before they start making weird demands.”

Richard Abila: “I request you to pray for me because there are few people who want to set me into the mouths of crocodiles and they are the ones behind the problems I am going through,” Obado said.

This man will rot in jail because he refuses to appreciate the magnitude of his sins. The reasons behind his problems is because he maintained a love relationship and impregnated his university student girlfriend while “faithfully” married to his wife and to his children. He is the first murder suspect in the most gruesome murder of Sharon and Baby Sharon. The suspects are people working for him, including the car use to ferry the murderers… Obado, just confess to your God to forgive you for that cruel murder… DP Ruto can use his political connections to get you out of jail, but Sharon and Baby Sharon will haunt you and your children for ever. On another note, I read elsewhere that DP Ruto condemned men who impregnate students. He did not turn to face the man sitting right next to him…..”
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