First Time Rift Valley MP Dumps ‘Village Husband’ for Bedroom Bully Youthful PA

A Rift Valley MP has left colleagues and constituents flabbergasted after she left her husband for a youthful personal assistant.

The first time legislator and her lover have moved to a hotel outside the constituency for ‘quality time’ while her husband -who played a great role in her election -has been left lonely in the village.

She has confided in some friends that the youngster is “active and efficient” in bed.

The female politician has been ignoring her husband’s phone calls and even went as far as to block his calls.

She also occasionally sends money to the husband via mobile money to apparently to stop him from going public over the matter.

Only five months ago, another  female MP serving her first term has dumped her husband for a university student who is much younger than her.

The lawmaker fell for the charms of the student who hails from her rural area.

The toy boy now swimming in money courtesy of the legislator, who is said to be catering for all his bills, lives in an upmarket estate preferred by Nairobi’s rich.

And in February, Gilgil Member of Parliament Martha Wangari has separated with her husband of five years over his ‘cheating and abusive’ character.

The Jubilee MP said she opted to risk being ridiculed and judged by the public rather than ending up dead.

She said her now ex-husband, Peter Karanja (PK) has been abusive and numerously embarrassed her in public. She says he also took another woman and moved into a house she had single-handedly built.

“I have receipts for every construction material used in the house. I bought everything and built the house. He kicked me out of the house and has placed pictures of other women in the house. I can’t even get my personal effects out of the house,” she intimated.

He also impregnated Ms Wangari’s personal secretary and neglected the family. “He started dating my secretary behind my back and had a baby with her. Her child and my child were born four months apart. If I asked him about such a disrespectful thing as sleeping with and impregnating my secretary he would turn abusive,” she continued.

“He tracked my phone and followed me as I was meeting some other women leaders. He dragged me out of the meeting, beat me up and then tried to run over me with a Mercedes car. The irony is that the car is the one I had bought him,” the MP recounts.

She said the estranged husband is now attempting to sell her properties, after cashing out some of her cars.

“It’s better to leave the marriage than die,” she concluded.

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