PUBLIC OUTCRY: Why the Government Should Protect Young Girls.

Alex Wakoli –
The government should put in place measures that will protect young girls from engaging in dirty business. The legislators should start by prohibiting the national media from the publicity they give to immoral figures; the likes of Vera Sidika and Huddah. These dirty figures should not feature on the public TV, Newspaper neither Radio as they are proving to be moral mentors to many young girls. The measure number two; the legislators should come up with measures to ensure all the ladies products are not taxed to make them affordable.
The legislators should come up with a law that will will draw a line between ladies jobs and men jobs where ladies should be allowed to take on men jobs but ladies jobs should strictly be handled by ladies only. Some of the ladies jobs based on the fact that ladies are naturally weak are saloonists, hotel services etc. Boys are now taking on girls jobs therefore exposing them to married women and thats why the divorce rate is high. The nail graphics should strictly be left to ladies. The parents on the other hand should watch over their children. Teach them the necessity of marriage and keeping a happy family.
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