How 25 Year Old Odhiambo, a Mechanic was Dragged from Hospital and Brutally Shot by Rogue Police

Last Friday, at around 7.45 PM, Evans Odhiambo was heading home in Mathare North to his new wife Everlyne Atieno who is three months pregnant.

200 meters from home, police and thugs who had broken into Mathare Home Choice supermarket and stole cash (and goods) were exchanging fire and a stray bullet hit Odhiambo.

Boda boda riders around then rushed the 25 year old to hospital where he manged to contact his 20 year old wife with whom they had lived for only five months.

“I had prepared supper because I knew my husband was returning home tired after work. He normally arrives at about 7.30pm. On Friday, i thought he was taking too long to arrive,” Atieno said.

It was not until she received a call that he was shot and in hospital that she tagged along the caretaker and they went to the hospital.

They found Odhiambo with a nurse who was attending to him. He had been given first aid. Bleeding had stopped and a bandage was put on the wound.

Odhiambo asked them to look for a vehicle to rush him to Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital.

He asked the wife to call his mother upcountry and inform her of the injury.

As Atieno prepared to make the call, about 20 armed people stormed the hospital. They were in civilian clothes. She said they were police officers.

“They demanded to know who we were and who had brought Odhiambo to the facility. They harassed us and confiscated the phone I had and that of my neighbor and the caretaker. They did not give us a chance to talk or the nurse to explain to them,” she said amid sobs and tears.

The officers roughed up her husband and bundled him inside the boot of a Probox before driving away.

“We stood there confused for several minutes before I decided to come back to the house. I recharged my phone and started calling his workmates,” she said.

She called Steve, a workmate at Grogon and informed him about what had happened to Odhiambo.

Steve said they were with Odhiambo at work and returned to Mathare together before separating at the junction where Steve branched off to his house.

At 5am, she called Steve and asked if he had heard any information. He said he was with another colleague at Mathare chief’s camp to reporting the incident and that they had been advised to look for Odhiambo in hospitals.

“I became restless. I was calling Steve every minute. He told me they had left Guru Nanak Hospital and were heading to Kenyatta National Hospital,”

Atieno’s next incoming call was from her sister, Zena. She asked if Odhiambo had been found. “I said no,” Atieno said.

Zena then informed her that Odhiambo had been found at City Mortuary. He was dead.

“I was shocked when we got to the mortuary with my brothers. He had six more bullet wounds,” she said as she broke down in tears again.

The body had deep wounds on the head and chest, an indication that he was shot at close range. At city mortuary, it is recorded that Odhiambo’s body was taken there by police at 5am.

Police said the body had been found lifeless in Huruma.

Odhiambo and Atieno had been dating for two years. In April, Odhiambo introduced her to his parents in Oyugis, Homa Bay county. They started living together on May 20.

Omolo, the caretaker described Odhiambo as jovial and outgoing man.

“He was not a thief, I can say that because I have lived with him for two years and I knew him well,” Omolo said.

Kennedy Chwindi, Mathare Justice Social Centre field coordinator said Odhiambo’s murder was another case of extrajudicial killing in the slum.

Chwindi said that an officer identified as Abdi Rashid is behind the many executions in the area. He said Rashid’s specific station is not known.

Chwindi said he documented 70 cases of extra-judicial killings which were all linked to the officer. The officer reportedly uses a Probox car that has two number plates.

“In front, it is KBT and at the back it is KBL. We have even gone to Pangani police station to enquire about this officer but we were told there is no officer by such name there,” Chwindi said.

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