‘Ukiachwa, Achika,’ Otile Disses Verah In New Song, Fans think its a silly Publicity Stunt again

The juvenile antics between Vera Sidika and Otile Brown seems to have taken a new direction after he released a song seemingly targeting the socialite.

In the song titled Nobody, the singer sings of a rollercoaster relationship and advices her to accept and move on.

“Ukiachwa, achikaga. Mbona povu linakutoka,” before belting out “nobody can take away my happiness.” The lyrics were quickly interpreted by netizens to be targeting Vera.

Last week, the duo staged a showdown, the second in months, where either accused the other of seeking material benefits from the relationship.

In claims that she backed up with a screenshot of their conversation, Vera tore Otile apart saying she got turned off with the singer’s ‘continued begging’ for money which he directed to ‘unimportant’ deals.

“It kinda turns me off when you ask me for money each time. Honestly…at least during the break up no one was asking me for money and I didn’t have unexpected small bills,” she allegedly lectured him after his request to have Sh500,000 to acquire a vehicle.

But in his defence, Otile said it had always been normal for them to lend each other money and was shocked by the socialite’s exposure of their financial deals.

He went on to claim that he had paid for her salon’s rent and at no time did he ask for a refund even after the first breakup.

He insinuated that the tantrums thrown by Vera Sidika were solely because he had refused to make her pregnant.

However, their recent hullaballoos have been interpreted by others to be a stunt to market the new song as he has done in the past with Baby Love.

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