Did Kisumu’s Governor Nyong’o Receive Fake UN Award from Amorphous Organization?

An international award allegedly by “United Nations” to Kisumu governor Anyang Nyong’o continues to elicit reactions after it has since emerged that it is no way linked to the prestigious UN.

For starters, it did not escape the minds of many that the award had a glaring typo totally unbecoming of a grounded Organization like the UN.

Kisumu was apparently wrote as Kismumu and the people from Kisumu did not take that lightly.

This has prompted many to believe the award is fake.

Amazingly the said governor’s press team took to social media to celebrate the award only to realize later that it is fake and massively misspelled, something that has made many residents to question if it really had any connection with the UN.

Civil society and locals are now demanding for a massive shakeup to the team that is embarrassing the county boss and the county at large.

Prof. Nyongo received the ‘fake’ award for Excellence in Leadership Award from United Nations Project one. Many of his followers especially from Kisumu county congratulated him for his award while others advised him to return the award since it had a typo error.

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