Parents be warned!! The Director of Brookside Montessori Center and some members of Staff arrested for detaining a 4 year old child up to 10PM

    Kenyan Report Field Reporter –

    The principal of Brookside Montessori center, Mrs. Prisca Muyodi a school in Westlands Nairobi was arrested alongside members of her staff and charged with unlawful detention of a child.

    Police walked in on the principal and other staff at 8.30pm on Monday night where the child was being held. Usually the child is dropped home by the school buses. On this day however, it is unclear why the principal decided to keep the child at school.

    Kenyan Report investigations revealed that on this particular day the child’s mom had been in Naivasha for work. Members of staff at the school have expressed shock following the principal’s actions of keeping the child at school way past the regular time of 3.30pm. Our sources who did not want to be revealed for fear of repercussions intimated that such an occurrence had never happened unless a parent has indicated that they have made alternative transport arrangements.

    Members of staff said they tried to convince the Principal to release the child so that they could also go home but she wouldn’t budge. They had even been instructed not to serve the said child with lunch and only did it secretly.

    One of the staff members we spoke to has details of a bitter fight between the child’s mom and the principal Miss Prisca Muyodi on telephone over the weekend and was of the view it was the reason the child was being punished. “This lady is an old parent with us ” she said, adding that “Her baby joined this school when she was 18 months old.It cannot be the issue of outstanding fee balance because this parent has paid over Kshs 100,000/-. We have parents who have big outstanding balances and their kids were dropped at home”.

    Brookside Montessori center is an upscale school and it’s imperative that its leadership project professionalism of International standards that would be expected of such a school. A parent should feel comfortable enough to leave the care of their child under such a school, but shockingly, that was not the case.

    It’s a shame to the principle for such inhuman acts and extreme display of lack of professionalism to subject a 4 year old to such psychological trauma, in developed countries, this would be a case of child abuse and endangerment subject to termination of employment and arraignment in court.

    Thank God that police response was swift and arraigned the principal in court.

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