Boniface Mwangi Exposed

Kenyan Report Field Reporter  –
The Incoming Nairobi chief of staff , Mr Dollar Boy,  Geoffrey Mosiria who is the founder and project manager of the popular Sonko Rescue Team has viciously bashed celebrated and controversial activist, Boniface mwangi for associating himself with revolutionary Ugandan MP Bobi Wine reffering to him as “a blackmailer, coward who has never fought any course only hiring goons and misusing jobless youths while working with the oppressors”.
He stressed that Bonny can’t stand for anything solid since he is a gun for hire unlike Bob wine who actually  fights for a cause close to his heart arguing that Bobi Wine isn’t motivated by directed payments and the Western people’s agenda like gay rights which are inconsistent with African developmental pursuits and morality.
Mr.Mosira put to question as to how Boniface Mwangi amassed his reasonable wealth that includes a house contested to be sitting on reperian land along Mbagathi road and several rental apartments in Eastlands and Kasarani.
The dollar boy as he is reffered by many, sensationally accused Mwangi of misappropriating for his personal gain the huge some of monies he receives as funding for supposedly noble causes, mostly from organisations funded by European and American tax payers.
He went on to allege that Boniface Mwangi is secretly a local agent working for notorious international, neo-colonial mercenaries and their organisations such as George Sorros in their sinister anti Pan-African agenda to destabilise and capture the African continent for the sole aim of pillaging its vast economic resources.
He decried that Mwangi’s actions epitomised the betrayal and defilement of the dream envisioned by our founding fathers the likes of Sankara, Kwame Nkurumah, Patrice Lumumba among other greats.
He urged that Bonface Mwangi should pursue rising through societal ranks by exercising civility anchored in positively progressive approaches to matters towards the uncompromising growth and development desired by Wanjiku, other than using unorthodox, primitive and often juvenile theatrics that only serve to most at times assassinate characters and earn him his short moments of fame.
Geoffrey advised Boniface to emulate the dedication and clarity of vision held by the selfless heroes and heroines dotting the path of  Kenya’s liberation journey. He noted that unlike the likes of Martin Shikuku, George Anyona, Rev. Njoya, Wangari Mathai among others whose successful struggle Kenyans continue to enjoy the fruits of, Mwangi and ilk lack a clearly identifiable struggle with any measurable goals.

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