Politics of Tibim Haunt Babu Owino as Kenyans found him Unworthy to Join Bobi Wine, Julius Malema

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino who is hosting popular Ugandan politician Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine in Kenya for a period of five days has faced the fury of Kenyans after he compared himself to Wine and South Africa’s Julius Malema.

Owino extended the invite to Wine in his capacity as Secretary General of the Kenya Young Parliamentarians Association adding that they will be initiating linkages between like-minded youth leaders across the continent.”

The MP famous for his ‘Tibim”and ‘Tialala’ also hinted that he has a big announcement and he will make it public on Saturday, October 13th during a rally at Jacaranda grounds.

His announcement however unearthed a torrebt of trolls from Kenyans who felt he needs to change his tact and image.

Alex Rango wrote, “Sorry to disappoint but you are in talks with men who have made a mark with their hard stands against oppressors, looters & dictators. All you stand for is hooliganism, theatrics, sycophancy & selfish self-gain. ZERO FOCUS.”

Stephen Muli tweeted Malema, “@Julius_S_Malema come and read this comments and disassociate yourself with this think. As a youth he doesn’t speak for me. If you have to, you are in better hands with @SakajaJohnson or better @bonifacemwangi. Mama has sent you a sign…. Pls dont ignore it.”

Linah asked Babu, “Lol what voice?? You chickened out and joined the oppressors to save your parliamentary seat. Can’t be compared to them.”

Patrick Nyakoi added, “@Julius_S_Malema is not in your class of sycophancy where everything is okay even if it hurts the people so long as Baba has said it. Even @HEBobiwine stands for something. When he says Museveni is bad, that is it. After months of demonizing @UKenyatta, he suddenly became good.”

Moses Owino replied, “ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS, you better stop hearsays & abandon these dynasties of Odingaism and Kenyattaism. U shouldn’t dine with dictatorial party like @TheODMparty if u want to match the likes of @HEBobiwine because they simply mean what they stand 4 & always w/c pple.”

Allan Sizemore wrote, “@babu owino You will never match the likes of Bobi Wine leave alone to say what you have done to fit his bill. I would wish Bobi meets with sane and radical youths who ain’t slaves to their masters.”

Ochivara Olunga stated, “Wake up from that dream, because the above mentioned leaders are pro-people and pro-change, always speaking their minds and do not praise and lick dynasties for relevance, and moreover are not power hungry.”

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