Shock in Meru as Miraa Trader Dies on top of Wife During Sitting room Sex

Disbelief has gripped Itura village in Meru as a woman narrated that her husband died when they were in the middle of sex- even as her husband’s relatives dismissed the narrative.

“I was having sex with my husband and in the process I realized he was no more.”

The wife said when he came home he was chewing Miraa and had asked for a cup of tea before he later asked her to warm some water for him to take a shower.  However, she said before Mwithu could bath, they had sex in the sitting room,and that is how he died.

This was not convincing to her Igembe South in-laws who took the body of the Miraa trader, Nicholas Mwithu, to Igembe South level four hospital for postmortem tests.

“I was called by my in-law at about 1pm, she said my brother had just passed on. My brother’s body was in the sitting room with a towel around his waist. I was not convinced with what his wife told me,” said Mwithu’s sister, Susan Gacheri.

Dr Benjamin Kanake, a medical practitioner in Meru, said it was possible for a man to die during a lovemaking session, especially those who have health issues or having used sex-enhancing tablets.

“Love session is a long exercise, for instance when one who has stayed for long without having it, when he attempts he might do it vigorously. So if you have medical complications like the hypertension or the heart problem and you engage yourself in marathon sex a death may occur due to heart attack,” said Dr Kanake.

He went on: “Some men also use sex-enhancing drugs while they have medical problems which have not been diagnosed. These drugs should not be bought over the counter but needs a thorough prescription from the doctors. Over dosage can also be poisonous and kill.”

Igembe South Police boss Rashid Mohamed told the Standard they are investigating the matter and more light will be shed after the autopsy findings are out.

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