Chained to His Hospital Bed, Obado Maintains Accusations against Him Exaggerated

From his hospital Room B, Ward 6A where his left hand has been chained to the bed at the Kenyatta National Hospital- Migori Governor Okoth Obado cuts a figure of a man who is facing his worst nightmare but with a wry smile.

“This is how it is now. And I have accepted it.” He told journalist who had paid him a visit.

Next to the bed was a pair of red slippers and knee height silver metallic shelve holding plates with leftovers served during the day.

“They brought me some ugali, vegetables and oranges. I liked the oranges. Dinner was served around 4pm,” he said.

A dry piece of ugali and orange peels were on the white plates. And in another set of plates, a white tea cup perched waiting to be cleared. He said breakfast is served at around 9am.

“They bring tea and some few slices of bread. But I am comfortable with it,” Obado said. A bowl of grapes, a plastic cup, a blue flask, toiletries, a shaving machine and a few items rest on the shelve top that is now the full storeroom of the governor.

This is the new life of  man inured to opulence and who allegedly sleeps in a Sh1Million bed in his mansion.


Obado’s palatial home

Of his family he says : “I am happy that my family is standing with me and I thank them so much,” he said.

Obado says his pain does not emanate from his illness, rather from the tarnishing of his image for what he claims he did not do; murder his girlfriend Sharon Otieno.

“I have accepted the circumstances I am in and I am willing to deal with them. My spirit is still strong. I will continue to serve my people (of Migori) and I hope this will end soon,” Obado said.

He adds: “It has been blown beyond what it should have been. As a normal human being I am hurt and it is a painful experience that you cannot wish on anyone.

He told the Standard, “it is unfortunate that people have worked hard to set me against the masses and they will fail. The people of Migori have stood with me and I will continue to serve them,” he said.

On the massive theft under his tenure, he claimed, “It is total madness for someone to imagine and even accept that such money can be taken from a county and it still remains running,” said Obado.

Up to Sh2.5 billion may have been stolen from the county coffers according to EACC reports, some of it paid to companies associated with his family. The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission is investigating some 23 companies alleged to have been used to win several tenders between 2013 and 2017.

“I blame this on cheap thinking. It is irresponsible for anyone who understands county operations to even accept that such money can be stolen. These are efforts of my opponents to distract me and tarnish my name,” said Obado.

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