How Jackie Maribe’s House help Statement Helped Police Put Pieces Linking Her and Lover to Murder

Citizen TV Screen Siren Jackie Maribe’s house help has helped crack the case that has seen the anchor arrested for abetting the murder of one Monica Kimani allegedly murdered by Maribe’s lover Joe Irungu.

Maribe’s house-help has reportedly told police she heard a bang inside the house that night even after Maribe and Irungu had told police they were attacked outside the house.

Irungu ostensibly shot himself in a toilet in the house and that he may have used a piece of clothe to cover the pistol’s nozzle to muffle the sound.

The investigators say a piece of cloth that was not destroyed as Irungu allegedly burnt some items in the compound in which he lived with Maribe is crucial evidence that links him to the scene of crime.

Investigators claim from Monica’s house, Irungu drove, still dressed in the blood-stained Kanzu, to the house in Langata’s Royal Park estate where Maribe lives. He took a shower, changed clothes and grabbed the bloodstained clothing alongside some items detectives are yet to establish.

Carrying a matchbox and paraffin, Irungu is then said to have walked out of the house to a far corner within the compound, and burnt the items. Maribe’s house-help, who was in the house, reportedly corroborated this account during her interrogation.

Police say a piece of the kanzu that did not burn completely was recovered from the scene. They have confirmed that it is the same garb Irungu wore on the night he visited Monica.

According to the Standard, after burning the items, Irungu then drove to a club in Westlands where Maribe was.

Witnesses said Irungu arrived at the club at about 2.30am in the company of about seven men. He picked Maribe and they went home early on September 20.

Police believe Irungu confided to Maribe what had happened the previous night. This is the reason they decided to arrest her.

Maribe and Irungu are also likely to face charges of giving false information to police.

After shooting himself, they then went to three different hospitals — Nairobi West, Kijabe Mission and Langata Hospital. This was after Irungu reportedly took the weapon to Brian Kasaine Spira, one of their neighbours. Kasaine was arrested on Saturday after police recovered the pistol with 50 bullets in his house.

It has since emerged that the pistol belonged to Kasaine who runs a popular bar in the city and is also expected in court to face various charges. The search also led to police recovering Irungu’s passport, a cap he was wearing the night Monicah was murdered and other key evidence.

The officers believe money was stolen from Monica’s house after a handbag allgedly belonging to the late Ms Kimani was found in Maribe’s house.

The killer or killers also dumped Monica’s mobile phones in a jerrycan full of water inside her house. The mobile phones have been recovered and are being analyzed.

Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti said they had arrested Maribe as an accessory to the murder.

“It seems she knew about all these but all she has been doing is try to cover up for the suspect. We don’t know why,” said Kinoti. He explained that if one did not have prior knowledge about murder but got to know and tried to assist a suspect by creating an alibi, one would be charged with accessory to murder after the fact.

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