Kenyans Link Jackie Maribe’s Fiance to Msando’s Murder as Reports emerge of his Special Assignments’ for Jubilee

Joseph Kuria Irungu, Citizen TV’s Jackie Maribe’s fiance who has hit headlines  over the murder of Monica Nyawira Kimani has been unmasked as a private security agent for sections of Jubilee party honchos in the run up to last year’s general elections.

So well-known is within high Jubilee political circles that detectives investigating Nyawira’s murder are struggling to make a breakthrough in the case despite having presented the suspect in court.

A visit by State officials to the police station where Irungu was first held demanding his release has become a stumbling block in the case.

Complicating the web further is reports of arrival in the country of Irungu’s fellow mercenaries to manage the situation.

Having trained as a mercenary in Afghanistan, the key suspect in Nyawira’s murder was in the process of firming up his own security company which he claimed specialized in close protection, VIP protection, executive protection and “special projects.”

In an Instagram post, Irungu claimed his company had offices in the UK and the United Arab Emirates.

“Our highly qualified and exceptionally trained personnel meet our individual client needs. We also recognize that each client and their requirements are different,” Irungu posted.

During last year’s elections, former Taita Taveta Women Representative Joyce Lay procured the services of Irungu as a bodyguard when she combed the expansive county gunning for Senator position.

The politician, who lost her quest to be Taita Taveta Senator, declined to comment when contacted for this story.

Standard revealed that among the commenters on Irungu’s Instagram page — which is now locked — are individuals closely linked to the Jubilee Party and sections of a prominent family.

A caption to one photo in which Irungu was clad in military gear, armed to the teeth, read: “I regret nothing.”

A follower took him up on it: “Not even the countless people you have murdered?”

In a veiled threat, Irungu’s friend who shares a prominent Kenyan family name replied: “My guy, your name is Hermes and you can talk, read your history.”

He is dreaded in Buru Buru where he allegedly ran a safe house and where we were told, he presented himself as top security man and has been moving around with a cache of arms in the cars he has been seen driving.

So feared is Irungu that sources including a Buru Buru resident who agreed to show us his house got cold feet at the last minute.

Mechanics who have been repairing his cars also went under even though we had been informed that they know where he lives. It is suspected that the house may have some of the equipment and materials related to Irungu’s line of work.

“I moved away from that house so I cannot remember Irungu’s exact house. Actually, no one here wants to talk about him. It’s too dangerous,” the neighbour said.

In an interesting incident that took place at the garages in Buru Buru Phase 5 last year, Irungu was so enraged by a boda boda rider who had hit a black Toyota Prado he was driving in that he handcuffed the rider and took him to a police station. He impounded the motorcycle and had it locked up at a primary school for almost 10 months.

Such is the power the man wielded that it wasn’t surprising when it was reported that he had told the police that investigations on Monica’s death will hit a dead end.

TV Journalist Jackie Maribe went back to Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Kiambu Road yesterday for further interrogation after she presented herself to the police in the company of her parents, on Thursday.

Ms Maribe had told the police that she knew Irungu in January this year, but  the two may have known each other sometimes last year in the heat of the elections.

“We all knew he was part of the Special Forces because he was ever present at campaign events,” a journalist who extensively covered Jubilee claimed.

“On the two occasions he was not present in campaign events, he told us that he had gone for a special assignment but he was always around,” said the journalist.

The grey Toyota Allion car belonging to Maribe, which has been impounded by the police has also been sighted in Buru Buru several times since last year.

It is not in doubt that Nyawira’s brutal murder was carried out by a professional with claims that the slitting of the throat of the 28-year-old may have been filmed.

Irungu enrolled for a certificate in Food and Beverages at Technical University but dropped out in 2012 due to lack of school fees.

Comments by Kenyans showed how many link the special assignments he did for Jubilee to the murder of IEBC, ICT Manager Chris Msando

Peter Mwaniki

A shamba boy for the dogs of war / mercenaries masquerading as security for the filthy who has no clue they are being hoodwinked by a thug.


ONLY clean hard work with God’s blessings can earn you meaningful wealth, these other “fast / instant monies” can only come from the worst of vices, like dope, stealing, corruption … tragically: “Subaru Impreza”, house/car, promises of Toyota Land cruiser V8, as if money is being drawn like water from a well sounds like ill gotten wealth… be weary of “cursed monies”, God’s gift of two feet beats any set of wheels by light years, parents and especially “a bishop” ( sorry ) what were you thinking?

Is our moral compass broken?

Steve Odhiambo

Monic’s father is?????? The day I read his eulogy for his daughter I never like it coz it had so many question marks as if he was trying to cover up the duty businesses his daughter was involved in. Fast riches never clean monies???????
Victor Matara

”In an interesting incident that took place at the garages in Buru Buru Phase 5 last year, Irungu was so enraged by a boda boda rider who had hit a black Toyota Prado he was driving in that he handcuffed the rider and took him to a police station. He impounded the motorcycle and had it locked up at a primary school for almost 10 months.” hehe
Musa Wa Musa

Remeber Artur brothers?
Raymond M Nzioka

Girls avoid bad boys because most of them are gang for hire and are well connected.
Fred Makaoko

This case looks interesting! top personalities must be scared!, These person may, probably have more lethal secret information and will demad assiatance…. for example Msando….With what is happening with Obado…This Irungu needs more protection or else….when the hunter becomes the hunted…and all the devils wake up and hug the culprit…The story of private securities of potiticians continues…who knows them well! do they undergo police clearance?safety of citizens is ??

was the Lady a pipeline for loots, used handouts wisely and became wealthy? left the looter in pubs drinking with big names and girls ! when time elapses the looter becomes flabbergasted, looking at the …on a mango tree! share the loot? how ? No! your time is over!

Musa Wa Musa

No, top personalities are not scared. They know we shall just make noise and the matter will die, and they continue with their mercenary business. Fear Kenyan politicians – they are always associated with thuggery
Steve Odhiambo

Monic’s father is?????? The day I read his eulogy for his daughter I never like it coz it had so many question marks as if he was trying to cover up the duty businesses his daughter was involved in. Fast riches never clean monies???????
Hawa Baragash

Ati he told police “the murder probe will hit a dead end!” Gaiiì………
Musa Wa Musa

State House connection is great protection and easy route to wealth
Gorge Kiugu

Why are some ‘officials’ so much concerned to the extent of trying to assist the killer to be released? Don’t you think ‘Yasir’ could be one of the jubille top boys? Money,houses,cars travels etc makes kimani some queen? Irungu did what is used to do.And he is confident of surviving.
Musa Wa Musa

When Artur brothers came on the scene, we later discovered they were connected to state house. The Artur’s were sleeping with Kibaki’s daughter. Now we are told Irungu is a trained mercenary, a boyfriend of Ms Maribe. Both Maribe and Irungu are closely connected to State House
David Davis

whats so special about him that statehouse would get involved. let him stay in jail with no bond. he is a flight risk and dangerous person who can intimidate witnesses. lets see for real weather the criminal justice system in kenya has changed and does not take instructions from above
Steve Odhiambo

The criminal justice system is Kenya has collapsed!
Musa Wa Musa

Was Monica contracted to supply South Sudanes Motor Vehicle number plates that Owen was delivering? Who is Owen and what does he do? Who is Yasir Mohammed (we shall be told he is a businessman). Is Irungu a Muslim or why was he wearing a ‘Kanzu’ commonly associated with Islam – to impersonate Yasir?
Hafura Ibrahim Abdullahi

Whole story point finger on drug dealers. Looks like deal went sour.
Anthony Kenneth Wachira

This irungu guy is just a wanna be thug,the type that watches a Rambo movie then goes to the kitchen gets a mwiko and starts shooting everything in the house.
Musa Wa Musa

In the case of Juma’s murder that was linked to Police Force, I suspected there were mercenaries in the Country who may be seen as regular Policemen. Irungu may be just one of them.
Simto Mwangi

Am sure this guy has been screwing even this alpha women whom he was providing fake security to..esp that Lay from the way she broke up with the hubby…..
Anthony Ochieng ‘Dubrao’

Truth needs to be told….monica was a adarling to a SUDANESE strong government boss..who bought her whatever she needs or wanted!
Pixie Mais

what did her father mean by “you refused cheap life& cheap education? lets hope it is direct translation manenos because in english it sounds rude to say that in your own childs funeral so life that god gave us is “cheap” priss mzee get sense eti he is a bishop? nkt mxiiu goma!
David Davis

you want kenya to change. dont vote jubilee or nasa. go outside the box. kibwana former gov of kitui would be the best for kenya for many reasons. he carries no baggage of kenyattas, odingas or rutos. tired of these people. same mentalities, same circles, same monkeys different forest
Robert Gitonga Njiru

Who are those state agents who wanted him released. Could this guy have been involved in Msando murder by the way?
George Baker

It must come come to pass as indicated in the book of Mathew 24: 1-6. Maybe its indicated the sign of the end of the age…
David Davis

uhuru ..your credibility is on the line on no one is above the law. who are these small time wanna be gangsters running around the country and going to police stations and impounding motor bikes. where is the ig. the reason why we have these fellows around who think they are above the law is because they have protection from statehouse. otherwise we wont have mafia like people operating in the country with impunity, the fact that he says this case is dead is because he has protection from statehouse. what ki d of change is this
Francis Lokong

Can any evidence about this be linked to Musando?
Ben Otieno Jaluo

This is a copybook from a drug story
Samuel Mwendwa

Very many questions !!!!!!!!
David Davis

follow the money
Lintury Ankh Udja Seneb

Acha na manguruwe wajikaange na mafuta yao.
Paty Ma

Mimi naona Msando hapa
Mbugua Kamau

Ati Msando? So he’s a martyr now after killing an innocent woman? Nyinyi wengine mnashangaza!
Steve Odhiambo

From this story it seems this government must be having so many mercenaries uncover. Juma, Msando e.t.c will haunt them and they’ll all be uncovered. Seems Irungu is just one amongst many. Mungu saidia Kenya…
Yakhont Upusass

This moron has just ruined his own life courtesy of childish arrogance considering he was in a dark hole just a few years ago. His high profile ‘friends’ will disappear, and the only ‘friend’ and ‘protector’ he will have in prison now is 6’6 Onyango the destroyer…for a price.
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