You Cannot even Afford a Swimming Pool- Akothee Fires at Jalang’o Who mocked Her Bikini Taste

Self declared President of single mothers Akothee aka Madam Boss is not amused by jabs Comedian Felix Jalang’o threw her on live radio.

The Milele FM morning how host said that the “Lotto” and ‘Alhaji’ singer known to sing about money and lover boys did not know the difference between an underwear and a bikini. He added that Akothee should know which one to put on when shooting videos for her social media followers.

Jalang’o said the singer has become a disgrace to her friends who have been calling on her to change the way she presents herself in public.

“Ifikie dadayangu Akothee aamue kama ni bikini ama ni underwear! Saitan madhako… Akothe kibrit ngama otiaye ema moke…meanwhile watch her new song Lotto,” said Jalas.

“Akothee has been disturbing people online. Yesterday she was dancing in underwear, I want to make it very clear to Akothee, an underwear is not a bikini, the two are different from each other” said Jalang’o.

He added he can no longer take in the shame his community has been receiving because of the dressing styles of the mother of five.

In a quick response on Instagram, Akothee who does not take prisoners said: “Some jokes carry a lot of malice in them, I analyze and choose to keep calm. I can’t argue with a person who doesn’t know the price of a beach plot or the cost of constructing a pool. Forget about panty and Bikini. If you rattle a snake expect to be bitten , I am coming for your jokes open field, panty and underwear are all the same cousins to bikini, if you have a pool you should know this principles , tag the king of women’s underwears.”

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