Order From Above! State Orders Gigiri OCPD Not to Allow Food from Outside for Obado

For the third day today, Migori Governor Okoth Obado has been forced to do without the trappings that come with his position as he shared space with common folk and ate government provided food in a cell at the Gigiri Police Station.

Ostensibly, instructions came from Above forbidding him from receiving food from outside, he experienced first-hand how it feels to be a guest of the state, drinking watery tea and a few slices of bread for breakfast and having supper at 3pm.

The police station has also been instructed not to allow anyone to visit the governor apart from his immediate family and lawyers.

However, due to his VIP status, he was provided with a blanket and a mattress to sleep on but that is as far as his comforts could go.

His wife Hellen and two children arrived at the police station shortly after 12pm and were allowed to see him in the presence of detectives. It was a low for the governor who just a few days ago had paraded his family in front of cameras and asked the police to do speedy investigations.

Gigiri OCPD Richard Mwangi revealed that Obado admitted prison life was hell.

The police boss insisted they were treating the governor like they would any other suspect and he was not being given any VIP treatment.

“We are not giving him any preferential treatment different from other prisoners. He is in custody and all prisoners here are treated equally,” said Mwangi.

Obado’s mobile phone was traced to Homa Bay on the day Rongo University student Sharon Otieno was murdered and not Nairobi as he had told detectives early this week.

DCI said there was also mobile phone communication between the governor and some of those already in custody on the day Nation Media Journalist Barack Oduor and Sharon were abducted. Obado will be charged on Monday with the murder of Sharon who was killed two weeks ago.

Caspal Obiero, Obado’s official PA presented himself to the police on Tuesday after a Toyota Fielder he drives was identified as having been used in the kidnap two weeks ago.

The governor’s other assistant, Michael Oyamo, has been in custody since September 2 and has already been charged with Sharon’s murder. What was remaining was to determine whether the two assistants to the governor together with three others in custody acted on their own or there were other people involved.

It is said the police tried to convince them to confess and get a lesser charge in return. This will be seen in the coming week as it has not yet been determined whether to compile the six suspects into one case or charge them separately.

Oyamo and former Kanyadoto MCA Lawrence Mula have already been charged with the murder. Among the options being considered is to charge those who have cooperated with a lesser offense of conspiracy to commit murder and turn them into state witnesses against the rest.

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