NASA Supporters Mock Jubilee Jingoists Who Cried with Pleasure when they Got ‘Mkate Full’

Following President Uhuru Kenyatta’s signing of the Finance Bill 2018 into law on Friday, some Kenyans commenting on his post have asked for forgiveness for voting in Jubilee.

Several users shared similar sentiments of how sorry they were for voting a government whose appetite for debt and taxes was insatiable.

The Kenyans who wrote such comments were however bashed and told off for voting twice despite pleas from the opposition that the country was headed in the wrong direction.

@djnelcraze wrote, “😢😢😢😢 I regret waking up early to vote you in.”

@murigi_richard replied, “Choices have consequences, we are now suffering for the choices we made.”

@Mwanikiii added, “😂Aki walai sitai vote tena.”

@Munenewanjeru wrote, “I REGRET VOTING FOR YOU!”

@EvansKinyua replied, “There are many regrets on these streets.”

@ItsJNShine stated, “I have done lots of bad things in life. Stealing meat & yoghurt in the fridge, dating 3 people at the same time, kissing while my eyes are opened, but the worst mistake I have ever done in my life was waking up at 2am voting for Uhuru Kenyatta 😑😑 I’m sorry. Forgive me guys.”

@CollinsKwach replied, “No no no my friend it only becomes a mistake if it was done once. CJ Maraga gave you another chance to correct this mistake and you resoundingly said webe ni ure ure! You will do it again in 2022!”

@TonuiGideon wrote, “Very disappointed. I regret that morning I woke up to go and vote for you.”

@PitchesNderitu added, “I regret waking up early to go and vote, increasing TAX and no salary increase to people who earn less.”

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