MPs Turn their Anger on House Leaders -Mbadi, Duale, Junet and Muturi

As Kenyans begin to feel the pinch of the 8 per cent value added tax (VAT) on fuel approved by the National Assembly and assented to by the President yesterday, MPs have turned their fury on House leadership.

Speaker Justin Muturi dismissed impeachment threats leveled against him as figment of the imagination of noisemakers

“They lacked strategy and they now want to roll it over on me. They have no clue. You need to tell them that to veto the President’s memo is like changing the Constitution. Noise is not enough,” he said. “I am not moved by the jabs. I am just waiting for them to make good their threat,” he is quoted by the Standard.

Besides Leader of Majority Aden Duale (Garissa Township), Leader of Minority John Mbadi (Suba South) and Minority Whip Junet Mohammed (Suna East), Muturi has been identified by the disgruntled MPs to carry the burden of the eight per cent VAT.

“Muturi is public enemy number one, followed by Duale, Mbadi, Mohammed and the committee chairs. They are bad than the grave,” James Lomenen (Turkana South) fumed.

“Muturi, in this matter, you are not a patriot. We are going to take the necessary measures to address the issue and protect wananchi,” Laikipia Woman Representative Catherine Warunguru added.

Duale also downplayed the threats, and even dared the irked MPs to make them good. “We should hold to account anybody who makes these threats,” he threw back the jibes. Dismissing them as hecklers, the leader of majority said his fate can only be determined by the party whose interests he was protecting in a sitting chaired by the party leader.

Immediately they put to question the first item on the eight per cent tax on petroleum products and the Nays shouted louder, Tuya declared that the Ayes had it, causing a commotion in the House.

Duale, Mbadi, Mohammed and Kipiriri’s Amos Kimunya took advantage of the commotion to eject a number of MPs from the chamber.

MPs Millie Odhiambo (Suba North), Alfred Keter (Nandi Hill), Paul Abuor (Migori) and Godfrey Osotsi (Nominated) could be seen trying to block more from leaving.

MPs formed a WhatsApp group where they had marshaled up to 239 members to overturn the President’s memo. “The list was prepared between Friday and Monday. Those not on WhatsApp and in support brought the number to 290,” said an MP from Rift Valley who was part of those marshalling colleagues to reject the Bill.

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