Equatorial Guinea Dictator, Verah Sidika’s Ex Sponsor in Trouble for Walking with Billions in Cash in Brazil


Well, you know the Vice President of Equatorial Guinea is the son of the President right? Okay, now you know.

The 49 year old Teodorin Nguema Obiang,is a renowned womanizer who has an unparalleled appetite for the finer things in n life.

Last year, he caused a stir after he allegedly flew Socialite Verah Sidika for a night of ecstasy in Maldives islands.

His father is Dictator Teodoro Obiang Nguema,(Yes, their names are similar, only interchanged) and has ruled Equatorial Guinea since 1979. He is known for eating his opponent’s testicles to boost his sexual prowess, and other organs as a form of revenge.

But his son, the VP was this morning arrested with more than $16m (£12m) in cash and luxury watches were seized at an airport in Brazil in the luggage of a delegation that was him.

Brazilian Guardia
n Reports that he arrived in Brazil on Friday on a private plane at Viracopos airport near São Paulo as part of an 11-person delegation.

O Estado de São Paulo reported on its website that federal police found $1.5m in cash in one bag and watches worth an estimated $15m in another.

TV network Globo said Obiang was the only member of the delegation who had diplomatic immunity as the group was not on an official mission.

The bags of other delegation members were inspected as Obiang waited outside in a car, it said.

Brazilian law prohibits people from entering the country with more than 10,000 reais (£1,800), in cash.

Brazil’s foreign ministry told AFP that it was “in permanent coordination with the federal police and the customs service over the case and to decide what measures should be taken”.

As for the watches, they were for the “personal use” of the president’s son, and were engraved with his initials, the report said.

Accused of using public funds to support a lavish lifestyle, Teodorin Obiang was sentenced in France to a three-year suspended sentence in October 2017 for money laundering.

He has visited Brazil several times, attending the 2015 Carnival in Rio de Janeiro when a samba school won top honours for an Equatorial Guinea-themed parade but was heavily criticised because of alleged funding for it by the Obiang regime.

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