‘I was Drinking Long Before You were Procuring Abortions’- Moses Kuria, Boni Khalwale Shameful Tiff on Live TV

Embarrassing and bereft of shame or decency required of tangible leaders is what best explains a TV interview meant to discuss the consequences of the recent tax rise on Fuel but which turned into personal banter.

Despite being on live Prime time TV Gatundu South Moses Kuria and former Senator Bonny Khalwale began throwing verbal jabs that have extended to Twitter long after the cameras went off.

Kuria and Khalwale were two of the three panelists in the Citizen TV talk show on Tuesday night that was moderated by Hussein Mohammed .

Host Mohammed tried to abruptly end the show after he failed to control Mr Kuria who kept on disrupting Mr Khalwale.

Khalwale hit out at Kuria for being drunk with gist having it that he had just left his favorite joint in Westlands and stumbled into the interview.

Here is an excerpt of the discussion.

Moses Kuria: In May 2016, the price of petrol was Sh84. Before this VAT (increase), it was Sh116. That is (translates to) a 39-percent increase. What was driving that? The crude price increase. How come we are not demonstrating against (international fuel supplier) OPEC, the people who raise the price of crude? Now the government wants to raise not 39-percent but 16-percent.

Khalwale: (While facing Kuria) “I want to appeal to you that society must be orderly. For good social order, you cannot expect fuel to cost less in Uganda when it is being lifted from Mombasa (Kenya)…

Kuria: (Interjects) Because we are a developed country more than Uganda.

Hussein Mohammed: (To Moses Kuria): Let him (Khalwale) finish…

Moses Kuria: (Ignores Hussein) We are more developed than Uganda, our GDP is five times more than Uganda. You cannot compare us with Uganda…..

Khalwale: I wish we had put an alcoblow (alcohol-content testing machine) at the door before getting in.

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