President Uhuru, Shocked, Angry after Ruto Claimed he sent Him with Sh5Million During Kajiado Goat Auction

President Uhuru Kenyatta is said to have been beside himself with anger and shock after his Deputy William Ruto claimed he (Uhuru) sent him with Sh5Million during last week’s goat auction in Kajiado.

Uhuru is said to be now convinced Ruto, is openly sabotaging his war on corruption.

The President did not give the deputy any money to buy him goats at the auction.

During the Kajiado goat auction, Ruto donated Ksh 5 million while also announcing the Ksh 5 million was from President Uhuru Kenyatta, something which has reportedly has angered President Uhuru and his inner circle.

Uhuru has also shelved the big four agenda projects and instead has focused on fighting corruption after his key intelligence reported to him that Ruto’s associates have strategically placed themselves within the government and ready to win tenders for various services which will be required in the Big 4 developments.

Uhuru now believes that Ruto’s determination to continue with the huge donations is his way of rebelling against the anti-corruption crusade and encouraging his lieutenants to also not bow down.

Ruto’s move has strengthened the resolve of State House and Office of the President to make sure that Deputy President Ruto doesn’t succeed Uhuru as President.

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