‘Red Carpet Discrimination’—Kenyans in The USA Mad at Trump


There was social media buzz among Kenyans in the diaspora after a photo op at the White House showed President Trump and The First Lady Melania standing on the red carpet while President Kenyatta and our First Lady Margaret Kenyatta were hanging on the periphery of the red carpet. Kenyans were quick to note that this was uncharacteristic of treatment given to visiting heads of States who always enjoy the red carpet amongst other special treatments.

On a positive note, President Kenyatta was a class act as was demonstrated by his mastery of the Queen’s language and his disposition on geopolitics. It was, however unclear whether President confronted his counterpart of the racial comment he made earlier on in the year about African countries being, ‘Shit hole’ countries.

President Kenyatta’s visit was, however, overshadowed by the media coverage of the demise of Senior Senator for Arizona and American war hero, Sen. John McCain.

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