Kakamega Man gets Daughter Pregnant,Marries her Second Wife

Residents of Ivakale village, Shinyalu Sub County- Kakamega County were left in shock after a man impregnated his daughter, infected her and turned her into his second wife.

His 45-year-old wife,the girl’s mother collapsed on learning her husband of 10 years had married their daughter.

When she woke from her 9 hours faint,she turned delirious, sending neighbors and relatives who had gathered to scamper for safety.

“People thought she was dead since she was unconscious for over 9 hours. We were planning for her burial but we were shocked when she woke up at about 1.am and started shouting that the husband has finished her,” her  sister-in-law, Everlyne Isavywa said.

“The woman gave birth to twins but the husband killed them. He also infected the woman with HIV and now has infected her daughter and impregnated her. The occurrences made the woman go mad as she was much stressed,” she said. The girl has given birth to a baby boy who resembles the father.”

She added: “People ran away and I was left with the children. I took her to the nearest dispensary where she was treated and narrated to us the story.”

Earlier on when the girl was pregnant, the father denied the pregnancy and was very violent to anyone who dared talk to the victim.

Mary Khalenya, a 70 year old neighbor said she had never witnessed such an incident. “The society has changed, people need to repent. How can a parent marry his daughter, impregnate her and also sleep in the same bed he sleeps with her mother? This is a curse and the culprit should be excommunicated from this village,” she said.

Confirming the incident, Bulopi assistant chief Caleb Natiri condemned the incident saying grandparents of the girl had been trying to separate them but the father kept on going after her.

“This is absurd; village elders, church leaders and law makers need to be engaged to curb incidences of inter-kin marriages which are on the increase,” said Natiri.

He said the suspect would be arrested and arraigned in court once they complete their investigation.

But the suspect maintained that he still loved her daughter and culture should not be an interference.

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