John McCain The American Prisoner of War, A Presidential Candidate and Senior Senator for Arizona is Dead

John McCain the Sen. for Arizona is dead. John’s wife Cindy reported that,…” My heart is broken. I am so lucky to have lived the adventure of loving this incredible man for 38 years. Hre passed the way he lived, on his own terms, surrounded by the people he loved, in the place he loved best.”

John McCain can be remembered for his courageous and selfless did like when his only vote saved Obama care also know as the Patient Protection and The Affordable Health Care. McCain who was a prisoner of war and a GOP presidential candidate in 2008 dedicated his life to his country and to the American military. It should be remembered that McCain had wished that President Trump skip his funeral service and that President Obama and Bush participate in his funeral service.

His daughter Meghan McCain shared a heartfelt tribute to the Dad. McCain had decided to discontinue treatment for his cancer and wished to die on his own terms rather than continue to suffer and go through the trouble of the rigorous treatment regiment.

God rest his soul in peace. Fare thee well McCain.

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