Kenyans Living in US Ranked amongst Most Educated and Hardworking

Kenyan immigrants working in the United States (US) are amongst the most educated and hardworking according to a Survey by Bloomberg.

The countrymen abroad are only beaten by Ghanaians and Bulgarians who took positions one and two, with 75.2 per cent and 74.2 per cent, respectively.

Kenyan workers scored 73.4 per cent and came emerge third in the list of the hardest and most skilled immigrant groups.

Other African countries that feature in the report’s top 10 are Ethiopia (4th), Egypt (5th), Nigeria (8th) and Liberia (9th).

This makes Africans in general the most productive immigrants in the US ahead of those from Mexico and Central America, who constitute more than 70 per cent of foreign nationals in that country.

“If we want more highly skilled and hardworking English-speaking immigrant obviously the place to go for them is Africa,” Bloomberg journalist Justin Fox, who came up with the report, said.

According to the report, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria and Nepal have the highest number of citizens pursuing higher education in the US after Saudi Arabia.

The report put the number of Kenyans who legally live and work in the US at 120,000.`

The Bloomberg report came three months after a survey by the Central Bank of Kenya indicated that Kenyans living and working abroad remitted a record Sh64.5 billion between January and March 2018.

Last year more than 100 Kenyans were deported from US—  a sharp increase since Trump assumed power on January 20, 2017.

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