Here is the Life and Times of the Man who saved Kenya- Kofi Annan- in Years and Pictures

It was at his elite boarding school in West Africa that Kofi Annan — the man who would later become the world’s top diplomat — learnt one of his most important lessons.

It was, he said later, “that suffering anywhere concerns people everywhere”.

The idea seems to have inspired Annan throughout a life which saw him play a key role in the crises which have shaped the world, from the HIV/Aids pandemic, to the Iraq War and climate change.

Kofi Atta Annan and his sister, Efua Atta, were born in the city of Kumasi in what was then Gold Coast in April 1938.

The twins’ first names meant “born on a Friday” in Akan, while their shared middle name means “twin”.

Below are the years that mark Annan life’s journey:

1938: Born in Kumasi, now Ghana’s second city.

1962: Starts working at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland

1965: Weds Titi Alakija. They have two children, a boy and a girl

1984: Marries Nane Lagergren, having divorced a year earlier

1991: Twin sister Efua dies

1993: Becomes head of peacekeeping operations

1997: Appointed seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations

2001: Wins Nobel Peace Prize

2006: Steps down as secretary-general after 10 years

2012: Becomes UN/Arab League Joint Special Envoy on the Syrian crisis

2013: Made chair of The Elders, a peace and human rights advocacy group

2016: Leads the Advisory Commission on Rakhine State, Myanmar

Koffi Annan’s son and his wife

2018: Dies peacefully in Switzerland.      


courtesy  —BBC

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