You Knew I was a Snake before you hired me.The Omarosa-Trump troubled relationship.

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You Knew I was a Snake before you hired me.The Omarosa-Trump troubled relationship.

It appears as if once the “beautiful, beautiful” relationship between President Donald J Trump and the now disgruntled staffer, Omarosa Manigault Newman has nosedived to the gutter. All love is lost, and no one has anything nice to say about each other.

So, who is to blame for the downward spiral of the once cordial relationship they both shared? Didn’t Trump Know who Omarosa was? Cut throat, unforgiving, vengeful and opportunistic?

In Trumps characteristic analogy, often used during his campaigns to describe Immigrants who came to America and killed Americans after a warm welcome, Omarosa’ s saga can equally be applied in this scenario. In the poem,” The Snake”, a woman narrates how she took in and hid a snake that ended up biting her. When the woman asked the snake why it was biting her after saving it, the snake replied “You knew I was a snake before you let me in”.

Omarosa needed a paycheck many years after her apprentice appearance. Her friendship with Trump was a blessing and it paid off when she was appointed as the white house public liaison officer raking in $179,700 a year. Omarosa had been among prominent African Americans to publicly endorse Trumps presidency and her appointment was a matter of when and not if after Trumps win.

The Trump – Omarosa relationship began to unravel shortly after her dismissal from the white house a few months ago. She indicated that she would write a tell-all book. True to her word, the book is out and Americans have listened to tapes of what happens inside the Trumps white house.

Even though her credibility is questionable, given that she intends to sell her book, however, the public spat between president Trump and Omarosa has left many American wondering how low it can get. It’s even amazing how Omarosa managed to amass all recording of the Trump administrations officials effortlessly.

It remains to be seen how low it will get, but one thing Omarosa would be willing to tell Trump If they ever met is; “You knew I was a snake before you hired me”, and president Trump is surely regretting that decision.


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