Singer Akothee Blames Poor Relatives for Stressing Her and Getting Hospitalized

Singer Akothee has taken a ‘swipe’ at her poverty ridden relatives for her recent breakdowns and fatigue.

The singer took to Instagram to whine over how they are reason why she’s been in a hospital bed for the fourth time in just seven months.

“It’s not the platform to share my pain, but it’s also good to share some life experiences,” she began.

“I promised myself never to live with relatives after so many disappointments, but hey I am human too, so 3 years ago, I decided to live with one of my cousins and a son of my neighbor whom I educated without any difficulty of school fees. When results came, none of them wanted to share with me, they had failed terribly! But hey its fine, failure in education is not failure in life.”

Akothee, who was too fatigued last week that she had to cancel a scheduled show in the US, went on to lament how relatives have been stealing from her despite her wholehearted dedication to help them in life.

“I remember in February I asked them to leave my home! Because all the employees complained about them. But where do we take orphans to. I have weak heart so I gave them a 2nd chance! Which has left me in pain,” she said anf blamed said Akothee her two relatives who have been vandalizing her farm in Rongo in all kind of manner and abusing her employees.

She juxtaposed her relationship with her spoilt kids against her struggling relatives.

“My kids even consult with me when they need to buy something expensive ‘maaam! How are you! I was asking, I saw a weave going for 40k! Could you get me one when you are in spending mood?’ This makes me happy. So why are peoples children sending me to hospitals? Why am I working extremely hard for ungrateful people! Why am I saaaad for the pregnancy and the labour pains that I dint bare! Why are relatives causing me so much pain! Is it because I am stupid? Do I owe them something! What and why am I exposing myself and my children to soooooo much unhappiness and pain!”

Akothee finally confessed that she’s tired of her relatives and it’s time to part ways.

“I almost lost my life [because of them],”she cursed.

“I MISSED One Africa Music Festival because relatives sent me to bed rest. If you are my relative and planning to piss me off I will expose you and report you to my fans. As an exhibit of pain and shame to mankind.”

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