Is President Uhuru Willing to Lose Friendship of the Kibaki, Moi Families in Corruption Purge?

Is President Uhuru Kenyatta ready to lose the friendship of the Moi, Kibaki families and his deputy William Ruto in his new zeal on corruption purge?

That is the question in the hearts of many but which was voiced by famed political analyst Mutahi  Ngunyi who has expressed pessimism about President Kenyatta’s newfound courage in dealing with corruption suspects and private developers who have grabbed public utility property.

Ngunyi opined that the arrest of high-profile suspects and demolish of buildings built on riparian land was misguided and ill-advised and that the political analyst said that President  was unlikely to go all the way in dealing with his “friends and relatives” involved in corruption.

“Uhuru will have to demolish hotels and property owned by his friends, but will he do it? I doubt it. If he has taken the holier-than-though attitude, he should demolish houses owned by the poor man and those owned by the privileged Moi or the Kibaki families,” the analyst stated in his weekly vlog, he Fifth column.

“Uhuru should not rely on the public that is cheering him. They will cheer him today and hate him tomorrow…If we embrace this culture of razzmatazz and Walhalla, a culture of sending bulldozers and cameras for the nation to feast on, we will be creating a war economy,” the analyst warned.

Ngunyi’s hypothesis came at a time when the President has expressed support for several operations widely seen as dealing a blow to corruption.

Buildings in Nairobi allegedly built on riparian land have been demolished whereas evictions are ongoing in the Mau Forest.

Despite the President’s promise to spare no one even if it meant losing friends- former President Daniel arap Moi has not been evicted from Mau Forest where he operates Kiptagich Tea Factory – sitting on more than two thousand acres.

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