The 90 day fiance – Would you marry someone you just met within 90 days?

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The 90 day fiance show on TLC has attracted a lot of interest in the United States. In the show, the cast is made of American singles against others from around the world. The catch is, the couple is supposed to be married within 90 days. The drama that unfolds on the show due to culture clash is quite entertaining while the allure of marrying an American to get the Coveted green card is tempting.

The show in its 5th season begs the question, would you marry someone you just met within 90 days? So far, the show has featured singles from Jamaica,Morocco,Dominican  Republic and Philippines who are getting married their American counter parts.The emotions run high as culture and other factors come true to test their love.

African culture is full of stories in which arranged marriage was the order of the day. During those times, there was no courting. The couple would be introduced to each other and they would start living together right away. Overtime, this tradition has died.

The 90 day fiancé show is a reminder of how far we have come as a society. However, how much time is enough to court and know your partner? Is three month too soon or long enough? You be the judge.




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