Trumps Upcoming Citizenship policy targeted at “Shit hole “countries.

By Kenyan Report Editor –

Stephen Miller, senior policy advisor for president Donald J. Trumps is reportedly drafting a policy that will require legal immigrants to indicate whether they ever received any government benefits such as Obama care, Food stamps amongst others.

This new policy will definitely affect a majority of African immigrants who came to the United states as refugees or on a green card but received some form of government help while they attending college or looking for a job.

A few months into Trumps presidency, Stephen Millers together with Steve Bannon, Trumps former advisor drafted a policy that caused widespread uproar in the United States. In the policy, President Trump signed an executive order that restricted travel and immigration of citizens from seven Muslim countries Executive Order 13769. This order affected many American citizen from the seven countries and others causing major problems and delays in the international travel.

It must be remembered as widely reported in major news outlets, that President Trump wondered aloud why the U.S would allow immigrants from “Shit hole” countries in Africa and Haiti. It is believed that Trump made the comment while in a meeting with a bipartisan group of senators to discuss immigration from Africa. However, the president denied having said that.

Just recently, Haiti was one of the countries removed from the list of countries that would get agricultural workers and seasonal employment visas. The State department cited Visa overstays as the reason. An independent investigation revealed that there were other countries with a large number of visa overstays than Haiti. The department didn’t comment further as why Haiti of all the countries was picked.

The new proposed immigration policy does not required congress approval, but it will surely cause an uproar similar to the one restricting travel of seven Muslim countries.

However, it seems that the commitment and determination of the Trumps administration to limit immigration from particular countries is unhinged.







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