Laikipia Women Rep Advices Kikuyu Women to Dump their Useless Men and Seduce Kalenjin Men

Laikipia Women Rep Catherine Waruguru is at it again. Barely a month after she was barred from sleeping at a Nakuru Hotel with her man because they did not have marriage certificate and after telling young women to embrace polygamy, she has a new message for Kikuyu women.

The Nyeri damsel who is a second wife to a Kalenjin lawyer has asked Kikuyu women to seduce Kalenjin men because Kikuyu men hardly appreciate them nor notice their beauty.

According to her, men in Nyeri have no idea the kind of beauty their ladies bear and often ignore them. Send

Speaking at PCEA Mathaithi Church in Nyeri county, the Woman Rep stated the ladies could easily get lovers from the Kalenjin community without having to lift a finger. She narrated in retrospect how her beauty went unnoticed all the time she was residing in Nyeri.

However, when she moved to Laikipia, a Kalenjin chap took note of her and pounced on the opportunity of being her lover and eventually a husband.

“When I was in Nyeri, none of the guys winked at me. But in Nanyuki, I met a Kalenjin guy who took me to Kericho,” Waruguru said. “We believe in a new Kenya where people love each other. Even single young girls here should look for a Kalenjin to get married to,” she added.

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Written by James Mulanda


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