Are Democrats underestimating the “Deplorables” Commitment to Trump’s agenda?

    By Al Moocercia –

     As the midterm elections draw near, it appears as if Democrats are hoping for a miracle in the Robert Mueller led investigations on Russia’s meddling into the 2017 elections.

    Every indictment of Trump allies elicits immeasurable applause from liberals, even though there is very few convictions from these indictments.

    Perhaps what democrats are failing to understand is the fact that Trump has lost no single supporter. Those who voted for Trump will match to the Polls in November without any second thought to Robert Mueller’s investigations or Trump/Putin summit and how it played out in the media. To them, their man is under attack and they must vote to support their president.

    There is no doubt that liberals especially the Barney Sanders wing of the Democratic Party has made significant gains in the primaries and with polls showing tight races across the country, it would be a mistake for democrats to assume they will have a home run.

    Missteps by the Trump administration regarding his closed door meeting with Putin, trade wars with China and European Union, Immigration policies that have subjected minors to what others refer to as inhuman conditions and the ongoing investigations that don’t seem to go away have definitely changed some people’s minds about Trump, however, to the core Trump base, what Hilary Clinton famously referred to as “The Deplorables” his support is intact and unshaken- they are in full support of Trump, his policies and agenda. Trumps strong stance on immigration and nomination of conservative judges to the Supreme Court is a major endearment.

    Trump has not fulfilled most of his pledges despite the Republican Party being in charge of the Executive, the House of Representatives and the Senate. He promised to repeal and replace Obamacare, but he has not been successful, he also promised to build a wall on the southern border and have Mexico pay for it, to date, he hasn’t fulfilled that either.

    The GOP, known for its strong moral values and security policies has seen the erosion of those values under the Trump Administration. The meeting between President Trump and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin further exposed the American underbelly when president Trump, according to many observers, failed to stand up to Putin,  he instead allowed Putin to overshadow him at the press conference .

    Revelations after revelation regarding Trump’s involvement with Stormy Daniels and other playboy models and the rumored cash payments are an embarrassment to the first family and the Republican Party that prides itself as a party of moral values.

    Despite all the aforementioned shortfalls of the Trump Presidency amid the successes here and there, Trumps core base has portrayed a rather strong loyalty and commitment to his agenda. This alone should be a warning to Democrats who continue to use the regular rhetoric of gun control, abortion rights and women rights to rally their base.

    While these are important issues that need to be addressed, they will need to re-strategize and rally the millennial and liberals to match to the polls, strong enough to overcome the determination of the “Deplorables”. With the booming economy, a stable and secure America, Democrats will find it hard to take over control of the House and the Senate.






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