Kenyan Male Chauvinist and Social Media Bully, Karanja ‘Oranjo’ Gijunju Cut Down To Size Over His Negative Campaigns Against KWITU

KWITU has vowed to launch yet another campaign to Facebook against one failed blogger known as Karanja Gijuju or Oranjo as he calls himself. KWITU members are upset by Oranjo’s behaviour of openly disrespecting women. He has also extended his disrespect to the men who supported their wives during the just concluded KWITU GRAND REUNION. This time, he came for the men whose women attended the reunion and called them weak for staying home with their children while their women attend the reunion in Atlanta. He referred to Atlanta as ‘Gayvile’ clearly indicating that Oranjo is not only chauvinistic, but also homophobic.

Oranjo has constantly been referring to KWITU as a cult and continued the name-calling that included phrases likes convincing ‘idiots’.

He also launched an attack on all the men that attended the event saying they should consider themselves women. H. E the Hon. Ambassador Robinson Githae among other men attended this event.
He has accused KWITU of collecting funds without accountability and Lilly Richards has urged him to use proper channels like the Court to air his grievances. Something he is yet to do. One wonders whom ‘Oranjo’ is working on behalf.

Today, KWITU Women are very upset and tired of being disrespected by this ignorant man and they are asking him to shut up. They want him to back off. Clearly, he uses KWITU to drive attention to his Facebook posts and nothing more. Meanwhile, KWITU has launched a report to Facebook against him for fake news, using multiple profiles, hate speech, harassment and inciting violence against a group of individuals.

Oranjo, formerly an Alabama resident and currently a TX resident and a truck driver, has called KWITU Women all sorts of names over time. He refers to KWITU Women as undocumented, old, single mothers, divorcees, broke, illiterate and desperate.

He has time and again expressed his ignorant opinions against KWITU with no regard for the consequences.
Every year, Oranjo’s aggression towards KWITU heightens during KWITU’s biggest event known as the Annual KWITU Grand Reunion. Last year, a day before the Reunion, Oranjo came out throwing tantrums on Facebook and threatening KWITU Women saying that he was going to snitch and send Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to the event.
Lilly Richards who is the KWITU President urged the Women planning to attend the event to ignore his empty threats.

KWITU just concluded a successful third Reunion in Georgia, Atlanta, that had more than 500 women across the USA attend the event and Oranjo was at it again, this time trying to belittle men who had stayed home to take care of their families in the absence of their wives and mothers.
The KWITU Grand Reunion was a sold-out event, which was very successful. KWITU Has continued to make waves in America; they just launched the first Kenyan American Women’s Magazine. There is no stopping these women.
KWITU stays true to their mission, which is to connect, support and empower Kenyan Women in the USA.

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