Government to Fire Old Civil Servants to Create Room for Youth

The Government is contemplating firing old Civil Servants and replace them with youth.

The move is being pushed by the Ministry of Public Service who say the civil servants will be given the option of early retirement or face the sack

According to Cabinet Administrative Secretary Rachel Shebesh, the motivation behind the plan is to reduce the unemployment rate among  the youth, who have often accused the Government of leaving them out of civil service jobs and  will be rolled out in all ministries.

“It will be painful but we might have to let some people go,” she said, adding that all ministries were under executive instructions to employ more young people and that the directive was now in its second year.

The ministry is also looking to implement renewable contract terms to reduce cases of civil servants working into their old age before they retire.

Shebesh opined that lack of laws to safeguard the interests of the youth, especially in securing employment, has been a major impediment in hiring a younger workforce.

She appealed to Parliament to enact laws to ensure that the youth was not barred from senior public service jobs.

“Without legislation, there is nothing we can do. Legislators should work on that,” she said.

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