Raila Odinga’s Silence Over 2022 Plans ‘Killing’ DP Ruto and His Tangatanga Squad

In a recent high profile interview with Citizen TV, Opposition honcho Raila Odinga evaded a question on his 2022 plans.

Raila who seemed to be weighing his words before each answer, also refused to divulge information if he still harbors presidential ambitions for 2022, insisting that the issues that almost led the country into precipice in 2017 must first be addressed.

“I cannot talk about 2022. We must fix issues of 2017 then we can talk about 2022. The pact is in public domain go and read,” said Raila.

The ODM leader was also cagey on the behind-the-scenes developments that led to the handshake and working relationship with President Uhuru Kenyatta, only saying that they were approached by some people.

He narrated that what informed the ‘Handshake’ was the high tension among some ethnic communities, citing that it was a case of “us versus them’.

“After elections, we had three options; invoke article one of the constitution, initiate mass action that was to be indefinite, until the government surrendered and the third option was dialogue. That is why we talked,” said Raila.

He reiterated that the handshake was purely for purposes of bringing the country together by addressing pertinent issues facing Kenyans including electoral injustice, inclusivity, divisive elections, negative ethnicity, unemployment, and the governance structure.

“If you deal with the 9-point agenda we presented then you will be dealing with the issue of TJRC, I do believe that we have to deal with issues of historical injustices. These days I can make a phone call to the president and action is taken,” he said.

Raila also explained why his Orange party is not comfortable with Deputy President William Ruto saying the “premature” vote chase, sometimes disguised as development tours and project launches, is a mockery of the efforts being made by Raila and Uhuru to address the 2017 election debacle.

“I have told my people to welcome DP Ruto when he visits their constituencies for development because he is in government, but should restrain from engaging in campaigns for 2022 as it is not part of what we agreed on with President Kenyatta. We agreed to fix 2017 first before talking about 2022 politics.”

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