Keroche Heiress Anerlisa Muigai Goes Semi Nude to Impress P-SQUARE

Anerlisa Muigai, daughter to  Tabitha Karanja, CEO Keroche went semi nude for a concert at KIZA Restaurant and Lounge that was headlined by one of the P-Square twins.

She rocked a see through jump-suit while only covering her breasts and private parts as she partied with others at the upmarket joint.

After the party, Anerlisa decided to post the photos online for all who care to enjoy the show while complaining that women have been so bitter about her success and transformation of her body.

Well, not everyone can afford plastic surgery abroad. Here is however what she wrote.

“I am very aware that most women have grown this bitter side about me.It has grown since I transformed my body, since having a successful business and also the fact that I am always happy no matter what…makes them sad.why is it that women we don’t support other women doing good? I am very strong about empowering women and i believe in positive energy. I also decided to never respond to any negativity said about me, I will always rise above that,”

She added;

‘The other day on the questionnaire session I stated that no matter what is said about you, never deviate from your main goal and my main goal right now is to make sure that Nero products are all over country and God willing maybe the whole continent. Have a great evening. Looking forward to this week as I have lots of good business ideas, motivational quotes and positive quotes for you all..”


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