Face of Mercury Sugar: Dp Ruto Secretly Graces The CHAATHE’s Wedding In Kisumu

By Jectone Oyoo

It was pomp and circumstance as the Son of Kibos Sugar’s owner wedded in an exclusive ceremony also discretely attended by Deputy President William Ruto—reliable sources have intimated to Kenyan Report that the DP did not even have his regular security detail, but chose to attend secretly without informing the County Commissioner of Kisumu.

It should be remembered that the CHAATHE’s were accused of importing the Mercury sugar through their Company Kibos Sugar and were facilitated by powerful and senior Government officials. The secret presence of DP. Ruto in this wedding could be a pointer to who the powers behind the dwindling fortunes of the sugar industry in Kenya are.

During this occasion, the father gifted his newly wedded son with a Rolls Royce Phantom and it was all out for the public to see how their money is making others live in opulence. If there was any doubt as who are the faces destroying the sugar industry in Kenya, we need to look no further but focus on the picture of this ceremony. Where the prince of corruption himself is at the centre-stage. While the CHAATHE’s are living in royalty millions of Kenyans who consumed the mercury-laced sugar unawares will be suffering from chronic diseases associated with these without help.

The memory of Kenyans is still fresh with a myriad of complaints levelled against Kibos Sugar in the last 4 or so years— It was first alleged that the sugar company was emptying effluent in river Kibos which is a source of fresh water for thousands of locals and as if that was not enough, they hit the headlines for employing over 450 ‘illegal’ Asians to work in their factory while locals lack such opportuniteis—one wonders what special skills are needed to operate a sugar factory that Kenyans lacked at that particular moment.

Our leaders are to blame for these abuses meted at Kenyans as they watch and visit these scrupulous dealers and leave with boxes full of money at the expense of the citizenry.

Just FYI a Rolls Royce grosses at $492,000 without any customisation and add to luxury vehicles tax that is levied in Kenya at 266% we are talking close to $700,000 or approximately KSHS 700,000,000. This is money that could have been used to provide social amenities to the locals or any other investment in the local community.

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