Is President Uhuru Part of the Cartels Milking Kenya Dry? Here is Proof

A time comes when the truth must be told. Is the President of the Republic of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta , part of the gang of thieves stealing from us? Before you start throwing stones at me, hear me out.

All Kenyans agree that the Deputy President William Samoei Ruto is a known land grabber and thief extraordinaire. His name is synonymous with looting. Now, if you look at all corruption scandals over the past five years, you notice that in any theft that involved people from Uhuru’s side of the coalition, the thieves walked scot free – NYS 1, Afya House Scandal, etc.

Economist, David Ndii, says that Ksh2 trillion have been stolen by President Uhuru and his team in 5 years. That sounds plausible, because the EACC has told us that Kenya loses Ksh600 billion every year, through corruption, so it’s likely to be even more.

From the SGR he didn’t have to build, to the fake school laptops, Kenya Power, fake roads, NSSF, fake military equipment, fake dams, fake fertilizer, fake Gala irrigation project Ruaraka land, the list is endless. So why would Uhuru steal?

We all know his father Jomo Kenyatta was a thief, a man who left jail with nothing, but managed to grab over 500,000 acres. The Kenyatta family was involved in elephant poaching and the ivory trade. Uhuru and his mother, Mama Ngina Kenyatta, have been on the list of Africa’s richest dollar billionaires.

None of them worked hard for any of that money. It’s all stolen. Today, they have a monopoly on buying and supplying milk through their Brookside Dairies. Their hotels regularly host government events and their bank, Commercial Bank of Africa, is reaping billions from Mshwari. Oh! And they employ white people to run their ill-gotten empire.

But why would a man born into a family worth billions steal? Because the entire Kenyatta stolen wealth is under ENKE (Entire Kenyatta).

So, Uhuru as an individual has zero money and can only access it through his mother. Perhaps he stole to finance his re-election and retirement. He is a party boy who spends more time drinking than doing his job.

As the thieves associated with William Ruto are dragged to court, l doubt there will be any convictions; Uhuru thieves are cat walking in Kenya. If Uhuru isn’t a thief, why does he appoint thieves as cabinet secretaries and ambassadors?

He doesn’t even respect the young people and he recycles old men to parastatals and ambassadorships. There is no difference between Uhuru and the thieves he associates himself with and appoints to office. Between the time Kenya attained independence in 1963 and Uhuru became President in 2013, the country had borrowed a total of KSh1.749 trillion. In the past 5 years of Uhuru’s administration, he has borrowed a massive KSh2.252 trillion and he’s still taking on more loans. Every Kenyan alive today owes Ksh100,000. Everyone in this country is in debt because of Uhuru’s thieving leadership.

As a father of three l must, and l shall, speak up. We are already slaves of our own government and, now, we must all stand up together and say “No” to the thieves. This is an angry rant from a taxpayer. If you, Uhuru, are not a thief then prove it. Fire all the thieves around you, ensure that the judiciary is well funded and all witnesses against your thieving friends are protected. Anything short of that is just mere PR. #TeamCourage


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