How Auma Obama’s High handedness Ruined Kogelo’s Event and Embarrassed Luo Leaders

Melanin soaked, with a slight stoop in her gait, Rita Auma Obama was first thrust into the limelight when  she alongside President Uhuru Kenyatta welcomed Barrack Obama on his first trip to Kenya as a sitting American President.

One would argue that she is one of the former US President’s favorite siblings; his fondness for her is conspicuous and was recently laid bare when he graced the opening of her vocational organization- Sauti Kuu in Kogelo Siaya County.

However, the single mother of one has been thrown under the propeller of disproval over her choice of remarks prior and during her famous brother’s visit. Her remarks was understood by a handful but largely misconstrued by many as an insinuation that the Luo community are ‘beggars’ who are inured to the culture of handouts.

Her critics were justified and credence lent to their aspersions on “Rita” as her other brother Malik Obama refers to her when she turned the event held on the 16th into a duo affair that lacked luster and oomph it deserved.

Notable leaders who graced the event including wife of Luo supremo and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Mama Ida Odinga, Kisumu Governor Anyang Nyong’o, Siaya Governor who was the host governor Cornel Rasanga, host MP Samuel Atandi (Alego Usonga) were left dejected when Auma denied them even a minute each to say a word.

She only recognized the presence of the two governors and but gave Ida a wild berth. There was nada protocol as the two governors were subjected to primitive frisking and had to struggle to find their won seats.

Area MP Atandi was even barred from joining Obama in his tour of the facility, the leaders left in a huff immediately after Obama’s speech.

Auma while behaving like a jealous wife out to protect her hubby from groupies and socialites ensured the motorcade that was carrying President Obama followed a different route other than the one where the villagers had lined the whole day waiting to wave at their famous son.



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