KANU MP Predicts a Raila Odinga Presidency, Says Retired President Moi Has Blessed Him

Tiaty MP William Kamket is convinced Deputy resident William Ruto will not be the President come 2022.

He said he applied “mathematics of elimination” to arrive at the conclusion that it will be either Gideon, Opposition leader Raila Odinga (ODM) or Kalonzo Musyoka (Wiper).

The MP further said that the winner will be “the one who once told former President Daniel arap Moi to swallow saliva”. He said Kenyans knew the person he was talking about and that he did not have to expound.

Kamket excited guests when he said that politicians who have met former President Daniel arap Moi to seek blessings are Kenya’s future presidents.


The MP told Kalonzo to seek the exp-President’s blessings if he wants to be the next leader.

“It is time for all the children of Moi to come together and form allies for the next government. Definitely, the one who abused Mzee Moi will not be in this league,” he said.

He also asked the Tugen not to castrate their own bull in the 2022  saying it would be “awkward for a community to despise its own”.

“We all fall under the Kalenjin community in Rift Valley but in fragments, we Pokots have West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo as our kingpin, the Nandi have Deputy President William Ruto and the Tugen have [Baringo] Senator Gideon,” he said.

“Gideon is currently the talk of Kenya and with no doubt, he shall succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2022”.

Kamket noted that since Kenya attained independence, Tugens of Baringo county fear losing elections and being thrown into the opposition.

He told the voters to stop threatening to “castrate your own bull” and nurture him so that he becomes the fifth president.

Politicians including Baringo Central MP Joshua Kandie and Woman Representative Gladwel Cheruiyot echoed Kamket’s remarks.




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