The Great Twitter Purge: Drop in Follower Counts Humbles Many in Kenya

    Twitter Humbles Many in Kenya and worldwide

    In what may be likened to the night of the long lives, the purge on bots by Twitter has yielded very interesting results in Kenya. It has always been rumoured that some of the twitter personalities in Kenya had bought fake followers to boost their follower count and yield more as influencers and these fears have somewhat been confirmed by the twitter purge.

    Notably, one Twitter user named Victor Mochere went from about 1 million followers on Twitter down to 56 thousand losing almost 90% of his followers in one swoop. Maybe he should run to China to demand a refund.

    Cyprian Nyakundi went from 1.5M to 656k and it seems he should also journey to China to collect a refund.
    Self-styled trendsetter Xtian Della went from over 1 Million followers to 543K and it seems today that the phone lines to China will be jammed by Kenya influencers seeking explanations from the Chinese who normally assure one that the followers you are purchasing are real and not fake.
    Ezekiel Mutua of KFCN went from 106k to 34 k interestingly.
    Kenyans now await with baited breath the next round in this twitter audit, which will be to do with the much-coveted blue tick the verification mark. It is understood that Twitter will un-verify several key Kenyan influencers based on their misconduct including abuse and hate speech. The sleepless nights continue for them now also it’s worth noting that Raila Odinga, Uhuru have held steady while William Ruto lost followers putting him below 2 million followers

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