No Longer at Ease- Here are Factors That Will Hinder DP Ruto’s Ascent to The Throne

    There is an innate desire in all humans to find a leader — a man of courage to take the lead in our otherwise uncourageous lives.

    A good leader must of necessity be a man of great courage and not necessarily a man of title. In a democratic society, it follows that one does not need a big name to have a good chance at being a leader.

    All you need is courage, and lots of it at that. But a good last name also has its place, not just in Kenyan politics but around the world.

    If your last name happens to be that of a former national leader, then society psychologically believes the blood coursing through your veins has the leadership qualities as that of your father.

    And this is exactly what Deputy President William Ruto does not have. His father is not known to anyone save for very few.

    He is up against people who have big names. If children live through their parents, then between Raila Odinga, Gideon Moi and Uhuru Kenyatta, there is well over 200 years of national leadership coursing through their veins. Each of them chose their father’s last names in order to make them instantly recognisable in the Kenyan mind. In so doing, their fathers’ struggles and legacies live through them.

    So going to 2022, Ruto will be having just two decades of national leadership under his hand and the blood of a commoner in his veins. But this may be the least of his concerns. There are many issues that will powerfully work against his candidacy in the coming days and months.

    After suddenly discovering his dispensability after the handshake, the Deputy President is not sitting pretty. Some have asked him to institute a messy divorce in Jubilee and wreck the party from within. He is, however, a good student of history and is the wiser for that. All the past Vice Presidents who tried to shake off their former bosses soon realised it was a bad move.

    Ruto cannot, therefore, dare to institute a messy divorce with Uhuru. It will break him instead, and Uhuru will still complete his term without him. And so he has chosen, instead, to cry at the back of the Mercedes than to smile on the back of a boda boda, at least for now.

    There are individuals who were named by the legislators allied to him who are working to frustrate his bid. Interestingly, the named individuals have not come out to defend themselves, despite being adversely mentioned by individuals and their names published in sections of the press.

    Their silence has been interpreted as guilt. But now, how would the DP work his way around them?

    It appears there is nothing he can do about them since he has no powers to hire or fire, and his anger now cannot so much as cause the President to lift a finger against them. He has to sit back and watch as they get over themselves fighting his candidature.

    In fact, despite being publicly named and shamed, they are likely to step up their efforts to fix the DP. He will not have it easy going forward.



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