KISUMU County Succession Turns Allies Governor Nyong’o, Senator Outa into Bitter Rivals

When the two came together in the run towards the 2017 elections, Kisumu Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o and Senator Fred Outa were bosom buddies.

They shared campaign platforms and jointly regaled in their victories with Outa constantly hinting on a pre-election deal between him and Prof Nyong’o.

Sources intimate that deal was to share the government on a 50-50 basis, with the Senator getting the bonus of succeeding Nyong’o at the end of his term.

But barely a year into their tenures, the two are now bitter enemies,with Outa accusing Nyong’o of reneging on an agreed MoU and keeping him away from the center of power.

Outa has termed Nyong’o a dictator and betrayer who “used him to win the election and dumped him”.

The straw that broke the camel’s back for the senator was the sacking of county Chief of Staff Patrick Ouya, an Outa nominee, over what Nyong’o termed “gross misconduct unbefitting of a public officer”.

Ouya an ally of Outa is a temperamental man who before his sacking threatened to shoot Governor Nyong’o.

Outa feels Nyong’o is targeting his allies in the county government against their pre-election agreement and has promised Nyong’o a battle to the end, his first salvo being the release of his first audit report on the governor’s leadership.

“Everybody in Kisumu knows Nyong’o and I formed ‘Team Kali’ which delivered his victory. And we will not be party to the adage where people use others to ascend to power and then betray them,” said Outa

“I invested my own resources for this cause, but I have been quiet because I have been accused of over-indulging in county affairs. But consequences are coming.” He added.

Nyong’o has termed the whole hullabaloo as “all nonsense.”

Sources close to Nyong’o have accused Outa of frustrating the governor. They say the Senator has infiltrated the county assembly with the aim of ousting the governor.

Outa is said to be holding night meetings with a section of MCAs to plot how to destabilize Nyong’o.

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