Ruto is a Thief, Not a Self-Made Hustler- Jakoyo Midiwo

When Deputy President William Ruto attended a church service in Thika on Sunday, June 17, he claimed he invests in heaven.

During the church service with clergy from different churches, Ruto hit out at the Opposition saying its members were busy investing in funerals at a time he was storing up his wealth in heavenly stores.

“There are those who are known for investing in funerals. They have the right to continue with that. On the other hand I invest on heavenly matters. We are a democracy and everyone has the right to put their money where their heart is,” Ruto said then.

DP Ruto

He used this in his defence against the Opposition’s criticism of his regular fund raising activities in churches, emphasizing that he was “investing in heavenly matters”.

However, former Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo has ridiculed Ruto’s sentiments saying all Kenyans would make it to heaven if indeed the DP was heaven bound based on his character and actions.

Midiwo claimed the DP was using funds acquired through dubious means to sustain his funds drives and other activities where he was dishing money, adding he did not qualify to get to heaven.

“He grabs school land, grabs land all over, has unexplained wealth. If that is what it takes to go to heaven then all Kenyans will go to heaven,” claimed Midiwo in reference to the DP.

Midiwo said that if Ruto’s deeds were heavenly then all Kenyans were qualified to get to heaven.

The former legislator alleged Ruto had swindled a bulk of public resources and had no moral authority to declare himself a self-made hustler.

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