Why Ruto’s New Media House is Going to be a Hate-Mongering Center


    Trusted sources have revealed that Deputy President William Ruto is set to acquire his own media house that will own a TV Station and (free evening) Newspaper; that spells doom and every Kenyan should be worried and very afraid.

    The effects of having a Jubilee politician lead this country as president are far more catastrophic than any hurricane.

    Kenyans end up divided along tribal lines in unhealthy and intolerant proportions. The problem often starts with their campaigns which are oft-dominated by hate-mongering. During the previous two Jubilee campaigns, DP William Ruto was in the forefront for name-calling people and ethnic generalizations.

    They always charge their followers, making them believe that certain leaders are witches and demons. That is not entirely bad because all these politicians are witches and demons anyway. The problem with that, however, is that they always drag the communities of the politicians they slander in their malice. Demonizing an entire community, being influential as they are, before their communities deserve full rebuke.

    For the past two elections, Jubilee used social media, compromised mainstream media, and international psychological war agencies like Cambridge Ananlytica; to spew venom, spread propaganda, preach hate, and sow discord among Kenyans. Unfortunately, their ignorant took the baits and considered such malice gospel truth. The result was individual social media posts of, “I refuse to let Raila destroy Kenya”.

    The unpopular deputy president, William Ruto, who now lacks the support of political cartels and dynasties, has decided to take his game to a whole new level. By acquiring his own media house, he will spread his hate-filled speeches, literature, even to the farthest four corners of the world.

    It must be understood that Kenya no longer needs any new politician-owned media house. Whatever media house any politician acquires at this hour must be treated with the scorn it deserves for the intentions will never be good!

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